Scarf Transitions

Scarves are the best accessory. In the winter, they keep us warm; in the summer, they add pops of colour or pattern to any outfit. Personally, I hoard scarves of every material and design- I even request scarves as a souvenir whenever friends go abroad.

If you do not have a billion scarves or are iffy about wearing them, here are some good ones that meet varying budgets as well as styles.

All the scarves can be used to layer for warmth or embellish an outfit. Sticking to neutral colours allows for more versatility. Heavier materials should be worn in winter and fall, but can be worn in warmer seasons with shorter hems. Silk and cotton materials are better for summer because they are breathable and lighter.

1. Neutral Blush (Mango, $29.95) 2. Neutral Navy (Nordstorm- Caslon, $210.45) 3. Subdued Striped (H&M, $29.99) 4. Patterned (Neiman Marcus- Anna Coroneo $235.00) 5. Multi-Patterned (Mango, $59.95)

*Mango currently has a half off sale, which includes the scarves, Neiman Marcus also has a sale reducing the scarf above to roughly over $100



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