Best colour ever

So, I was supposed to go to Niagra Falls today, but due to unforeseen circumstances it did not happen. Instead my boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan; we visited the University of Michigan campus (it was amazing, but super cold). After a short tour of the quad and taking heat breaks in various libraries (no imposters alarms were sounded, thank God!), we decided to explore the main street stores. They had a pretty sweet Urban Outfitters with some stellar end-of-season deals, but our parking meter forced our hand to leave the city.

On our way home, we stopped at a mall and I spent thirty minutes waiting to try on bras at Victoria’s Secret and another thirty minutes waiting to purchase two super cute and super low priced bralettes. At least the store was playing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on a huge screen by the check out, which helped me to pass the time by drooling over the models and criticizing my body flaws.

Anyways, I thought I would post my outfit because it featured my favourite colour, mustard. This colour just clicks for me, it goes well with my skin tone and also my hair colour. It is also very versatile to go from fall to winter with this scrumptious colour.

Outfit details: Sweater (Old Navy), jeans (Lucky Brand), riding boots (Michael Kors)



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