Faux Fur Pas

Fur is huge right now. Every celebrity and runway seems to be plastered with furs whether it is a coat or tiny accessory to tack onto a key chain. I can’t lie, I see the appeal and lust after the fur pieces because they are absolutely exquisite and look so warm (major importance factor for myself). Being a vegetarian however, I cannot willingly purchase real fur. I have considered buying vintage furs using the rationale that I would not be supporting the current fur industry, but then it still just goes against my ethics. It seemed I was at a stand still for my fur fantasy.

But then there was faux fur.

Faux fur has been popping up just about everywhere since it is so much cheaper to produce and sell to the masses. The only problem with faux fur (aside form its carbon footprint) is that it can sometimes be very plastic-y. So my only disclaimer in promoting it is that ordering online might be risk and the only reliable way to know the texture is to feel it yourself.

Okay! With that being said, I have found some amazing faux fur pieces that are dying to be added to your closet.


1. Faux Fur Snood $25.90 (Forever 21) 2. Eton Slouchy Hat $42 (Aritzia- Community) 3. Short Faux Fur Jacket in Green $59.99 (Zara) 4. Faux Leather Biker Jacket €55.00 (Topshop) 5. Hollister Mongolian Faux Fur Jacket $157.57 (Asos) 6. Ted Baker Chevron Faux Fur $556.47 (Asos) 7. New Look Faux Fur Belted Maxi Coat $109.68 (Asos) 8. Urbancode Coat in Mix Match Faux Fur $149.59 (Asos) 9. Faux Fur Vamp Sandals $35.99 (Zara) 10. Phoebe Faux-Fur Tote $348.00 (Anthropologie) 11. Sol Sana Kim Faux Fur Flat Mules $159.00 (Asos) 12. Aciang $14.98 (Aldo)



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  1. O, I loove faux fur! Good post, keep doing well.:)


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