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In case anyone hasn’t read my immensely interesting “About Me” page, which does not attract as much traffic as one might think, I am in business school. Actually, to be more specific I am in my Masters of Business Administration. Being in this program requires a semi-strict dress code, semi strict because we can be business casual most days, but have to be in full business dress for special events or speakers.

So this being said, my wardrobe is actually pretty formal and conservative during the day. The one thing I have really learned (aside from how to consolidate financial statements and retain employees) is that women face a total double standard in the working world when it comes to fashion. Men are allowed even encouraged to wear patterns and colours in their suits and shirts, but women are told they can wear black, navy, or grey. What is that garbage?

I once wore a pair of super adorable houndstooth pants with a red blouse and black blazer and was docked marks on a presentation for not dressing in the business appropriate wear… by a female professor. Yup, this is the fashion restricted life I have chosen to enter in entering the business world, guess I should have stuck out Psychology.

Anyways, I brushed that experience off and have determined that business casual is where I can mix my patterned pants in and uniquely structured pieces, while I stick to the almost funeral like look for more formal business days.

Today was just class, so I took some fashion liberties and wore an outfit that got a ton of compliments and was both warm and comfortable. Also as mentioned earlier, I am a big believer in low maintenance hair and make-up, so hair is just pulled back with a clip and I am wearing eyeliner and mascara today (yay me!).

Details: Shirt from Urban Planet (originally used for a costume, but versatile), skirt from H&M, nylons from Nine West, shoes from Call It Spring



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