Winter Coats

Unfortunately it is still winter. I am one of those people that after the Christmas season is done, I am ready for winter to bid adieu and make way for spring. To my dismay, this never seems to be the case (remember I do live in Canada AKA in an igloo). I am also chronically cold all the time. I literally layer tights underneath my dress pants to school most days and have multiple shirts underneath sweaters and scarves. The only good thing about winter, in my opinion, are the beautiful coats that we get to wear. There are so many style from military jackets to puffer coats and to my new favourite blanket coats. Yes the passion for using a fashion accessory as a means to heat up via the blanket scarf had such a profound impact on the world that there are now blanket coats, thank you fashion gods!

Since we are approaching the end of this abominable season, there are a ton of coat sales out there. Everyone knows about the raging Zara sale that is probably responsible for many employees enrolling in therapy, but lesser known stores and brands are also clearing out winter stock. Most sales are available online, so you can sit under an actual blanket and order away. Here are some coats that I found that are either on sale, reasonably priced already, or are an investment piece to be added to your wardrobe.

1. Elgin Blanket Coat (Rag & Bone, $1 130) 2. Crepe Frock Coat (Zara, $39.99) 3. Blackcomb Parka (TNA at Aritzia, $225) 4. Maxi Coat (H&M, $99) 5. Colour Block Coat (Topshop, £129) 6. Jorrdynne Coat (Club Monaco, $399) 7. Petal Stamp Jacquard Coat (Kate Spade, $698)

In order from top to bottom then left to right.



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