Foggy Sunday

Yesterday was unbelievably foggy, like Gotham city level foggy or British country side in Atonement foggy. It was nice because I was stuck inside for most of the day studying. I did go out for a coffee break though and it was unseasonably warm out. Warm enough that freezing cold me didn’t need a coat. Instead of grabbing one of my million jackets, I decided to wear my blanket scarf as a shawl. Not only did the pattern on my scarf pop next to my minimalist outfit, but it was so soft and warm. It was also great to have on me because I could wrap it in so many different ways to change up my look. Uniting blankets and scarves has changed my life forever. Anyways, I digress.

My outfit is a good example of how to pull off a casual look without wearing jeans. It also highlights the importance of using textures and prints to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit. My pants are a deep green with textured detailing made to look like motorcycle pants with zippers on the ankles to add detail. I wore a white top with crochet detailing, gold metallic flats, and my enlarged tartan scarf.

Details: pants from American Eagle, top from Zara, flats from Ralph Lauren, scarf from Forever 21



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