What’s In in Outerwear

Being in a professional program, sometimes I have to sacrifice warmth for style or “business appropriate attire”. On crappy days where the weather dips below freezing and the rain can’t decide if it wants to be snow or not, I am always tempted to grab my North Face parka that still has my ski tags on it. This is the coat that will keep me warm and dry as I sludge across campus, but unfortunately this is not the coat that a potential employer will be impressed with.

Luckily there are a lot of great coats out there that are both chic, warm, and appropriate for taking a meeting with a client. I have a few different coats that I can rotate to keep my looks fresh as well as en pointe with style.

Below is my favourite coat that I own. It is my pride and joy, my sword in the stone, crowning jewel, (you get the point). It is a vintage Burberry, hand-woven tweed coat that is probably ten sizes to big for me. It is super long, super bulky and keeps me warm. I bought this bad boy at a vintage shop in a small Northern Ontario town when visiting family one summer for an unreal price then had my tailor adjust it to my body as much as she could at a not-so-unreal price. This coat makes me feel like I should be whistling a cab down in New York, it is just that chic.



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