Valentine’s Day

Whether you are going to spend Valentine’s Day with a partner or friends or even alone, you should look super glam. Glam on this loveliest day of love includes tones of red and pink with hair and makeup all done up in just the right way.

I personally never wear warm colours (red, orange, yellow, etc), so this holiday is a perfect excuse to push me into them and it should be for you too. Embrace ruffles and velvet, wear the red lipstick and rock some Lauren Conrad level eyeliner. I truly believe excess does not exist on Valentine’s Day.

I searched the web for some outfits that you should definitely look into for this special day. A lot of them are on sale, so lucky us! I personally have my dress already picked out, but you’ll have to wait until February 14 for that.

Gold Metallic Dress (BCBG, $322); Nude Ruffle Dress (Zara, $49.90); White Dress (Nordstrom- Leith, $89.30); Pink Lace Romper (Bebe, $119); Blush Velvet Wrap Dress (H&M, $39.99); Red Lace Dress (Express, $69.90 $30.99); Red Satin Bodycon Dress (House of CB, $165); Pink Ruffle Dress (Topshop, £50.00 £20.00)



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