Sweater by the Sea

The winter is still raging on with tons of snow still being dumped daily. I wanted to feel that much colder, so I decided to take a trip to the water. (It’s not actually the sea, just one of the Great Lakes). Anyways, my boyfriend and I went out to a small waterside town and ate at a really great restaurant. I had just bought a new sweater dress and this was a perfect occasion. I wore some sock booties to keep my legs a little warm while still looking stylish.

I might have mentioned it already, but I really love wearing navy. Most of my wardrobe is navy, but now I am getting into olive. Traditionally, neutrals are black and camel and white, but I am all about navy and olive being more accessible everyday. And so I combined them on that cold day because I can.

I bought this dress awhile ago, but it sat in my closet for a few weeks because I kept waiting for warmer weather. Wearing it was actually way better than I imagined because it is so soft and comfortable and actually decently warm. I love that the sleeves are very slightly belled and it has a slit that lets me walk like a normal person. In addition to already loving this dress, I just saw a picture of Selena Gomes wearing a similar dress in an olive colour from Victoria Beckham’s collection and it deepened my love. She wore it with a button up underneath, so that will probably be how I wear it next time (pics to be added when it happens).

Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic night!


Details: Dress (H&M), sock boots (Amazon), winter coat (Roots)


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