Oscars Best Dressed

I wait all year for the Oscars. I love to see the glamour that Hollywood’s A-listers bring to the red carpet. This year had some definite stars for me, but overall I felt it was a little lacklustre. Personally, I was really feeling the reds, golds, and whites that were making their way to the awards. A lot of great gowns and outfits were pulled out for after-parties, so I had to include the top ones.

Viola Davis is radiant in red. I love how her gown is off the shoulder and not too structured. I would have given her an Oscar for best red dress hands down, but I’m sure she is more than happy with her Best Supporting Actress award.

Jessica Biel pulled out multiple showstoppers that night from her beautiful gold sequin gown to her caped gown. I love how she paired that dazzling Tiffany necklace with the glitzy body con dress making it look seamless. Her afterparty gown was stunning too, she looked like a goddess.

Elizabeth Banks looked so elegant and feminine in her floral embroidered gold gown. I love how the skirt is sheer, but not overly sexy.

Olivia Culpo is getting a lot of flack for her ensemble choice, but I love it. The dress is such a perfect nod to vintage, I am obsessed with how it moves especially. I really wish that Emma Stone had picked this over her gold Givenchy, I cannot lie.

Naomie Harris is another who rocked her looks all night. When I saw her on the carpet, I was in awe. I love how simple the lines are, but that it has a really unique structure. I also am obsessed with how she played with her shoe embellishments by mismatching them.

Karlie Kloss is always a superstar to me, I mean it is impossible for her tall and slim body to look bad in anything. I love how she went super simple and elegant letting the cape and her choker steal the attention.



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