Sunday Feels

There have been some really crazy weather changes going on where I’m from. A few weekends ago, it went from a summer-like Saturday to a chilly and dark Sunday. When the weather drastically takes a turn for the worst, I always want to dress comfortably in clothes that are good for lounging on the couch with a good book, but also look good if a coffee run needs to happen (which it always does).

I wore a pair of light wash jeans that I have had since high school that feature some more recent rips and fraying. I then put on the most best fashion trend friend for women, a lace bralette with a sheer top and a cozy navy knit sweater. I recently read an article about how people who wear sunglasses indoors are perceived to be cooler and desirable to be around. So to finish off my outfit, I knotted my hair on the top of my head and put on some larger than life sunglasses.

I need to steal some more of your time to provide some details about my jeans. I bought them literally back in 2009 when Abercrombie and Fitch was a requirement to survive high school. When I got to university and revolted against “preppy” young brands, I almost threw these jeans out. They were saved by the fact that even the glamazon Victoria Beckham wears A&F. I am so glad I did keep them as they are soooooooooo comfy and are perfect for casual wear and are even en trend with the current distressed and faded jeans. This is a lesson to keep quality pieces if they still fit since fashion is a giant cycle and everything (for the most part) will eventually come back.


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  1. tbymallano says:

    The weather has been insane here in Germany as well. I struggle with getting dressed each single day. Love your outfit. That cardigan looks so warm.
    Have an amazing weekend ahead sweets and lets follow each other.
    Love from


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