About Me

Jumping into the blogging trend head first as a New Year’s Resolution and hopefully a commitment into the foreseeable future.

So a little bit about me: my name is Lauren, I live in a small Canadian city right on the border of the US, I am currently in graduate school studying business, and I am a vegetarian. These are the important facts that I feel are relevant for people to know.

So why a blog? Well to be honest, this is not my first attempt at blogging. I have tried documenting my fitness regime, but quickly realized that my lack of faulted that effort. This time I will make it stick because I am blogging about a passion of mine, fashion. Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in style and clothes. I have been classified as a shopaholic and also a bargain hunter to the max. Hopefully I can share my style with you as well as provide some great tips as to how to dress great on a budget.